About Us

Who We are:

The Accreditation Unit (AU) has started in December 1997 as a Laboratory Accreditation Department (LAD). LAD has become AU in September 2001.

All management and technical responsibilities were delegated to the Director of the Accreditation Unit and to the accreditation committees.

AU is a non-for-profit organization. In order to cover its expenses, it depends on the income from accreditation fees paid by accredited conformity assessment bodies, in addition to the financial support from the government.

AU carries out the accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories, in the fields of Medical, chemical & biological, foodstuff, environmental, construction materials, electrical, mechanical & Material, and non-destructive testing as well as in measurements & calibration.
AU carries out also the accreditation of certification bodies of products. AU is intending to expand its services to cover the accreditation of certification bodies of management systems & inspection .


To be a sustainable, independent and internationally recognized accreditation body, competent to provide accreditation services to CABs according to international standards and active on regional and international levels ..

National Recognition , International Acceptance


The Accreditation Unit grants accreditation as an official recognition of the technical competence of the conformity assessment bodies; testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies, on national, regional and international levels through:

  1. Implementing international practices and signing multilateral recognition agreement,
  2. Managing an effective relationship with Conformity Assessment Bodies to fulfill their needs and reach the highest level of their satisfaction,
  3. Providing a creative, open and cooperative work environment for the Jordanian Accreditation System (JAS) assessors and committees’ members to ensure their impartiality, confidentiality and objectivity, as well as availing the needed information at the right time to make the right decision
  4. Providing the human, financial, technological and material resources needed.

Core Values:

  1. Customer requirements are met and committed to
  2. Confidentiality of all information and documents supplied by the CABs (applicants and accredited) is protected.
  3. Commitment to distinguished professional and competent services.
  4. Impartiality is an important part of the accreditation process
  5. Right and wise decisions based on scientific principles are the most important pillars for the accreditation process
  6. Participation and coordination among the accreditation unit employees to facilitate exchange of information and provide excellent services.
  7. Continuous qualification of accreditation staff is a solid principle we are trying to achieve.

Professional Values:

  1. Maintaining an efficient relationship with our customers that based on mutual partnership cooperation.
  2. Working continuously to achieve the international recognition of accreditation services and signing the Multi-lateral Recognition Agreements.
  3. Achievement of a distinguished customer satisfaction level as a base for accreditation process improvement.
  4. Continuous supply of information related to accreditation and accreditation procedures.
  5. Clear and transparent decisions.
  6. All accreditation employees are committed to constant and continuous improvement of their knowledge and job requirement.
  7. Provision of specialized and qualified assessors to ensure a harmonized and constant assessments for the customers
  8. Commitment to transparency when supplying the required information about accreditation decisions, without affecting the confidentiality of the customers’ own information.

Organizational Structure